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    Instead of the normal bullshit story about who I am let me give you some tips and pointers to getting a response to the message you are about to send me ….
    Im doing this because apparently the pic I uploaded causes men to go friggin bananas and my inbox is now flooding with messages like dam u fin cum meet me and we can fuk. Sorry that stuff might work with a monkey or something but not with me.
    TIP #1 >>> on my profile- there are several clues to who I am, what I'm like and what I want….
    TIP #2 >>> read the entire profile to get these clues….
    TIP #3 >>> your message should reflect that you have actually read the profile and have a clue….LOL
    For those of you who haven't been scared off/ have a sense of humor/ can read/ and are serious about what YOU want…….please continue reading…………
    I am hot young and very sexy. Dont want to sound arrogant but like at my picture and judge for yourself (or jack off LOL)
    I am looking for someone non-serious and veeeeeerrrrrrry sexy.. (Robert Downey Jr anyone? Meow rrrrrrr)

    I was kidding about the message though because I really do love guys how arent afraid to get straight to the point no matter what the circumstances are.. Save us all a lot of time..
    Ok that is about all for now Maybe Ill see you around, maybe I wont