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    Hello y'all sexies! Im a genuinely sweet, kind hearted, and loving gall who just happens to have a lovely set of breasts! LOL i love showing em off though really..
    All real no silicone for me baby! LOL

    What I want from life is to be a real life star! how cool would it be if you got the chance to sing in front of a bazillion fans!! Its pretty much my ultimate dream probably like any woman here LOL.
    I have settled for something more practical though. LOLplus, I don't want to end up like the Lindsay Lohan's, and Britney Spears of the world.

    I wish to explore the world, or take the long way around as the Dixie Chicks put it. I am VERY Family-oriented and VERY protective of my Domain… I will allow no Man nor Beast that walks upon this Earth to bring harm to my Family!